Little SpeedyCroc- An AJ Creepy Pats!!!!!11!!!

Hey guys this is a Creepy Pats!!!!!!I made of AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ur older than 8 then be scared because this is super scary and blood and violence!!!!!!

So back in  1998, when Aparri joined AJHQ, I saw an ad for a kids game called “Animal Jam”. I decided to try it out. I made an animal and after a few days, I got the hang of the game. I walked to Jamaa Township and someone said “HE IS COMING!!!!!!!!” I didn’t know who “He” was and then I was suddenly teleported to a den. The den said  “John’s Den”. The den was unlike the normal den, it was all black with a flower in the middle. Then, I saw a crocodile called “Little Speedycroc”. His name was in a weird font and he didn’t move when he walked. He just  slid on the floor. I was confused. I then heard a

lsc“IN 6.66 SECONDS!!!!!!” in a really scary voice. I was scared, then, 6.66 seconds later, It opened up to my animal screen. Though my animal became a fat panda that I did not like!!!, then It glitched out!

kully I saw the panda being ripped to shreds and blood started coming out of my esophagus in real life!spoopy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Suddenly, a message popped up!!!!

end of jamaa
Then a man popped up behind me

He stabbed me in the back and I died. Rumor has it Little SpeedyCroc still roams Jamaa, killing people! The end!!!!


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